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Welcome to the BancFirst Resources Center. Below you will find valuable information about such topics as online security, home ownership and more.

Online Security
Online security is paramount to BancFirst. The Internet has become a daily tool in our lives for access to information, entertainment, credit and financial services, and everyday goods and services. However, the same Internet can afford someone the opportunity to improperly access your personal information and damage your finances and reputation. This video about fraud can help you make informed online decisions.

Below are some brief descriptions of methods online thieves use to learn your personal information, take over your financial accounts, or even gain control of your computer remotely. By reviewing the resources and video links, you will find valuable tips and resources that you can utilize to help protect yourself from online predators and minimize your risk.

  • Phishing: Fake emails which trick you into submitting your personal information. These can take the appearance of invoices, warnings from your bank, shipment tracking notices, or credit alerts, in order to cause concern or alarm in the recipient. This video descibes phishing and can help you identify these deceptive messages.

  • Identity Theft: Thieves steal your personal information and impersonate your identity to make purchases, open credit accounts, and generally harm your reputation. Take the video quiz to learn how to protect your identity.

  • Portable / Mobile Devices: The immense popularity of smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and media players presents criminals with the opportunity to steal your device and any personal information it contains at the same time. Help keep your mobile devices safe from theft or attack by watching this video.

  • Bogus Checks: Fraudulent checks with forged account numbers. They may duplicate your personal checking account number, or attempt to pay you for an item using a counterfeit check.

  • Social Media: Millions of Americans use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Scammers also use these sites to locate potential victims, creating fake profiles to build online relationships for deceptive purposes. Check out this video to see if you know how to protect yourself from online "friends."

  • Lottery / Work-from-Home Scams: You learn you have won a lottery you did not enter or can earn thousands as a "secret shopper." These scams culminate in having you deposit a counterfeit check into your account and wire back some portion of the proceeds. You are left owing the bank for the amount of the fake check.

  • Malware (Viruses/Worms/Trojans): Software which uses deception or exploits to install itself on your computer without your consent. A virus usually damages software on your computer rendering it unusable, a worm concentrates on spreading itself as far and fast as possible, and a trojan is malicious spyware disguised as some other program, that often allows remote control of the infected computer.

  • Spyware: Hidden programs designed to gather information, such as a username and password to a banking website, that is then sent to a third party without your knowledge or consent. The perpetrator can then login to banking or shopping websites using the stolen credentials.

For more information on how to better protect yourself online, click here.

Financial Education & Literacy
Your Guide to Preventing and Managing Overdraft Fees
This PDF document explains BancFirst options to help you prevent overdrafts.

Learn helpful ways to manage your money from the FDIC.
FDIC Money Smart - www.fdic.gov/moneysmart
FDIC Consumer News - www.fdic.gov/consumers/consumer/news

Home Ownership

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